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Jessica Ann's Psychic Studio
Licensed Advisor and Couples Counsellor


New** Nothing someone hasn't heard before. I was having trouble with my love life and my career. Couldn't seem to find someone to hold a steady relationship with, and at work I just couldn't seem to advance to a higher position. I  I knew a few people who went to psychics and got good results, and some who didn't see much change but I decided to try it out. I went to a few other psychics before I finally went to Jessica and realized she should of been my 1st stop..Month went by things stood the same and than I started to see the changes going on around me. The area manager for my work just suddenly quit and I got the job. Couple months later I met a girl that worked for one of out stores and we hit it off instantly. Things have been going great since,  
-Roy Turner  
Buffalo NY

For the past few years I wasn't my self. I would have to see my therapist on a weekly basses, I would have to take 10 pills a day just to be able to go to work and back and keep me sane. Shame full to say I had a drug and alcohol problem and couldn't take this depression anymore. I seen Jessica's ad online and got a readings done to get a different opinion on what I should do. 

After a great reading she offered me help to get off medication and get my life back on track. With out going into detail I was slowly getting off my meds, I stopped seeing a therapist and was finely back on my path.

After suffering for years with depression I am now my self. My life is back on track, I was promoted at work to area manager, Im back in the dating scene and meeting new people all the time. I see my life in a different way and it was all the help of Jessica.


4/28/13:   I've been seeing Jessica for about 1 Yr now due to the fact that I have been battling with a very sensitive situation. I was married for 9 years to a woman that I thought was right for me. unfortunately I was wrong. We have 2 beautiful girls together, I thought all was good. There was something that still did not feel right with her. After the 5th year of marriage everything just started to fall to pieces in our relationship. There was no communication we just didn't "click" I continued this relationship thinking this was the right thing to do for my kids sake. As the years went on it just became worst, we where pretty much two people that just lived together sharing children. I was unhappy but she didn't see it. I decided to seek guidance because therapy wasn't cutting it. I drove past Jessica Ann's  studio on Hartzel rd seen her signs , battled with myself on if I should go in or not, So I figured why not I tried everything else... I walked in, Didn't need an appointment she was there,Very positive. I had a Tarot reading. She was very insightful very confident that she can help me, So i took the opportunity she presented of guiding and cleansing myself and my surroundings. Since then she has opened many doors for me, I am currently not in my previous relationship anymore but thats a good thing! She was not my soulmate and it made sense because we didn't fit right in the first place, But we ended it on a very clean and positive note. We share custody of the girls which is GREAT also Jessica helped me to find the love of my life, my partner, my soulmate...I met her at a hockey game 4 months ago...(As Jessica said I would)...I am at my happiest point in my life. Seeing Jessica and taking her help was the best decision I have ever done in my life. I see things in a whole different light. Thank you Jessica, I appreciate your help and guidance so much! You are a dear friend to me.
-Alfonzo, Burlington On

THANK YOU! I stared to notice that nothing in my life was working out. Every good thing turned into something bad, my girlfriend left me for another man, i lost my job, all my friends didn't want to hang out any more. my life hit a all time low and found my self sitting by my self alone. I found Jessica's add on and went to see her. I was working with her for 4 months and everything changed. I have a new love in my life, my friends are always around me and say they see me more brighter, and now I am manager for a very successful company.  Thanks Jess for everything :)

-Geoffrey, Welland On

SHE KNEW MY LIFE WITHIN HER CARDS. I am from Hamilton Ontario and decided to take the help to Jessica's Office In St Catharines. My Wife suddenly passed away and left me a single father. I was left with un answered questions who, what, when,where, why. I carried on struggling dealing with life but trying to remain strong for my sons sake. I've Dealt with ignorant people in the past who claim they can help me. After working with Jessica she gave me answered to my UN told questions and now can carry out the rest of my life raising my son and finally move on. 
-Matthew, Hamilton On

I have been dealing with depression for almost 2 years now and couldn't see why my life was still worth living. Ive been dealing with deaths in my family, lost friendship's, relationship issues and it all came down at once and completely destroyed my life. Ive tried reading book, medication, even turning to watching Dr-Phill specials and nothing worked. I came across Jessica Ann's studio in St Catharines ontario (were I live) and got a reading. I'm currently  working with dealing with my depression and already feel 50% better. You cant expect instant results but you can defiantly feel and see a change within the first week. I have the most respect and gratitude for Jessica and what she does. THANKS FOR THE HELP, LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE.
-Victoria, St Catharines On

*Ive been a client with Jessica for 7 years now, she has amazing accuracy on events and time frame. She told me when and were I was supposed to meet my wife and how many children I was supposed to have. 7 years later I am happily married with 3 girls and a baby boy. If you are looking for  honesty and real results you are in the right place!
-Joseph Ti algo
Calgary, Alberta

prayers have absolutely helped me to move my life forward. I pray for her as well and she is showing me how the power of prayer works. I thank her for this precious interaction. She is a blessing!
 -Erika, Toronto ON

She is not only the best psychic I have ever seen, she became one of my best friends!
-Natasha Jennings
Oakville, Ontario

* I had been having a lot of difficulty on the job and called Jessica Ann. I was so into my situation that I could not see a path through it. Jessica told me not to keep losing my power and what I needed to do to correct it. It took me a few weeks to gain the strength to do it, but I did. I can now see my path, I've gained my strength and confidence back, and I am so thankful for Jessica's guidance through it. Thank you so much for your guidance!
- Stephan Delfino
Montreal, Quebec

*I was in the middle of a separation with my wife of 14 years. She was unhappy with myself and the life that we have been living. Nothing I tried satisfied her, unhappy with my work and the finances. I thought my life was threw, she had taken my two children away, I wast able to speak to them nor see them. One day I was surfing the net and came across Jessica Ann. I instantly called her and went in for a reading. After I left she gave me a sense of hope, provided me with her services and re-united me with my family. We never been happier. Im still in contact with Jessica Ann till today. Thank you Jessica I will be seeing you soon :)
Toronto, Ontario

*Thank you Jessica Ann for everything you have done for me and my family. I no longer have the empty lonely feeling that has bringing depression to my life. You helped me see the light, and the good in all that life has to bring. I love you Jessica Ann, I will be forever grateful you entered my life.
-Diane Thompson
Scarborough, Ontario

*In the past I shamefully suffered from the horrible disease of alcohol abuse. It tore me away from family, friends, and my relationship. I lost my self and everything surrounding me. I didn't have much support or believe in my self until one day Jessica stopped me on the street. She had surprised me with her knowledge and great ability. She told me what I was going through and the road I would be leading down if I didn't get the help that was needed. Being blessed with her presents gave me the strength to fight and as of today I am 7 months sober. My family and friends i thought i once lost now support me in my life and decisions. Thanks Jessica
-Michael De Ponte
Toronto, Ontario

All readings are 100% private and confidential. Accuracy is based on client surveys done every year.  All testimonials are published with given consent from clients and should not influence any other person interested in readings/services. Every one is different so results will vary depending on the person/situations    -  Jessica Ann  

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