INDIGO- THIRD EYE *Indigo-clearing subconscious to channel intuition. Purple-balanced state of mind. See Divine perfection in all things. Devotion.
VIOLET-CROWN *Personal identification with infinite. Oneness with God. Peace. Wisdom
BLUE-THROAT *Ability to verbalize. Expressing truth through power of the spoken word.
GREEN-HEART *Release emotionally suppressed trauma. Soul/heart consciousness. Expressing love in action.
YELLOW-SOLAR PLEXUS *Assimilation experience. Digestion. Positive use of personal power. Manifest goals.
ORANGE-SACRAL *Utilization of creative forces into all aspects of being. High soul procreation. Direct self toward devotion.
RED-BASE *Ground spirit forces in body. Gain ability to work lovingly on the physical  plane.
POSITIVE ASPECTS OF VIOLET *Reverence for all life, Self sacrificing in the service of others, Idealism, An ability to see the appropriate route for the benefit of the higher self 
POSITIVE ASPECTS OF BLUE *Loyal, Trustworthy, Tactful, Calm
POSITIVE ASPECTS OF GREEN *Compassion, Generosity, Harmony/balance, Loving
POSITIVE ASPECTS OF YELLOW *Confident, Alert, Optimistic, Good Humored 
POSITIVE ASPECTS OF ORANGE *Sociable, Creative, Joyous, Independent
POSITIVE ASPECTS OF RED *Security, Courage, Strength of will , Pioneering 
POSITIVE ASPECTS OF INDIGO * Highly intuitive, faithful, clear sighted, integrity, orderly mind
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